Learn More About Buying Coverage Where You Live

When it comes to buying a plan to protect your house, no two localities are the same. Regulations differ vastly across the country, as do the options that insurers are willing to offer. Every state has a Department of Insurance that oversees companies in the home, auto, health, and life insurance industries. The departments regulate the carriers that are licensed to issue policies in the area, and they also investigate consumer complaints against their providers. Also a valuable resource to consumers, the departments provide information on average premiums by region and customer complaint ratios for individual companies.

To stay abreast of the regulations and requirements in your locality, browse through our informative guides. You will find helpful information on things like mandatory minimum laws, add-ons available in your area, and the insurers that issue policies in your state. Additionally, with regard to protecting your dwelling, some companies have recently begun limiting the types of coverage they will offer in certain disaster-prone regions or have stopped offering service altogether. These kinds of developments can impact your policy decisions, which is why every shopper should consult our guides prior to taking out a plan.