Protecting Your Dwelling in the Grand Canyon State

According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, consumers should buy a house insurance policy in order to shelter both your house and your personal property as well as to provide protection against liability for actions that happen on your property that causes injury to others.

The amount of protection you should get depends on the size of your lot and home, the amount of assets you have to cover and the amount of out of pocket expenses you believe you can quickly and easily manage if something happens. You should make sure you have enough coverage to shield yourself from lawsuits that may result from your possible negligence.

Your lender may require you to have protection at certain levels which will be clearly stated before your home closes. You are not required by any state law to use the provider that your lender recommends.

Types of Coverage to Consider

The most common types of policies available in Arizona include property damage, contents insurance, additional living expense/loss of use, personal liability and medical payments. A brief description of each is as follows: