Buying Coverage in the Islands of Aloha

Without question, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Residents enjoy breathtaking scenery and balmy temperatures year round. However, islands homeowners pay quite a price for the beauty that surrounds them. The state has a propensity for several natural disasters, including flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. These frequent perils present additional risk to residents and insurers, which is why the state has higher house premiums than most other states in the country. For tips on protecting your house adequately while keeping your premiums affordable, read our guide.

Perils Unique to The Islands of Aloha

The islands are prone to a number of natural disasters that residents in other states do not have worry about. Homeowners must consider these common and rather severe perils when structuring their coverage. Below, we've provided a summary of the perils unique to the state along with suggestions on how homeowners can protect themselves from related losses.

Additional Resources to Consider

For additional information, residents can consult the website of Hawaii's Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs. The Department of Commerce oversees the industry. The insurance division of the Department of Commerce issues licenses to providers, agents, and brokers; reviews the financial condition of local insurers; investigates complaints; and evaluates premiums and policies. On the Department of Commerce site, consumers can find general information on house insurance, file a complaint against an insurer, and compare premiums and complaint ratios for different insurers.