The Story of Nationwide's Rise in Popularity

You may be really familiar with the jingle 'Nationwide is on your side.' This has been the company's trademark expression over the last decade as it has managed to gain popularity and become a heavyweight within the industry. The company headquarters are located in Ohio - the same place it has been based out of since before The Great Depression. This type of longevity should tell you a thing or two about the brand as it is one of the oldest insurers in the United States.


Founded in 1925 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, the provider set out to offer affordable protection for rural Ohio drivers. Within three years the company began to expand to other states in addition to offering property coverage plans.

As their homeowners policies continued to grow in popularity throughout the 1950's, the company decided to change their name to Nationwide Insurance, serving the entire United States. In 1997, the company opened a financial arm that was called Nationwide Financial and operates the Nationwide Bank.

Corporate Operations & Community Involvement

The organization is currently governed by a board of directors and has more than 35,000 employees and 16,000,000 policies in place. Based on the number of policies written, they are the #1 writer of farm owner policies, the 6th largest property and casualty insurer, the 4th largest homeowner insurer and the 6th largest auto insurer. They also provide plans for life coverage and retirement savings consultation as well.

In the community, the organization works closely with such organizations as the United Way and the American Red Cross. The provider also has its own Children's Hospital which is committed to providing quality care to all children regardless of their ability to pay. The company also has a Foundation which is dedicated to philanthropic investments in communities all across the country.

Other Service Types

The organization also offers specialty plans that are more difficult to find with other insurers in the country such as Accident Medical Insurance which provides coverage to sports teams, camps or clubs, offering to cover the entire group in case of an accident. Protection for businesses is also available along with pet, travel and finally, banking services are offered as well.