Glossary of Terms

A savvy consumer is a well-informed consumer, and a well-informed consumer is a satisfied policyholder. That is the premise behind this section of our site, the glossary of terms. Trying to make an informed decision about house insurance when you don’t understand any of the terms you encounter is impossible. Either you will end up frustrated and bewildered or you will act on misinformation, purchasing a policy that is ill-suited to your needs. We understand that house insurance jargon can seem like a foreign language, which is why we’ve created a glossary of terms to make your shopping experience less baffling and stressful.

We wrote a glossary of the most common house insurance terms with simple definitions that are easy to understand. We were thorough without going into gratuitous detail. All of the terms policy shoppers will encounter most frequently, such as premiums, deductibles, endorsements, etc.., are included in our glossary. In the glossary, only a brief definition of the term is provided for quick reference. However, our visitors can also click on the term for a more detailed, in-depth explanation of the word(s) and why it is relevant to the house insurance industry.

Click on any term below to view an expanded definition: