Condo Insurance Quotes

Condominium insurance is essential to protecting what is likely your biggest investment. Although insuring a unit is as important as insuring a traditional home, condo plans differ in many ways.

Most condo association policies protect the grounds, common areas and the structure of your unit. The personal property within your unit may be unprotected from fire, theft, vandalism and other threats.

Types of Coverage

If your association's condo has a "bare walls in" policy, your fixtures as well as your personal property are not covered. An "all in" policy insures fixtures and other items within, so you won't need to purchase as much coverage. Check your association's master policy for details. If you didn't receive a copy when you purchased, you can obtain one from the person in charge of the association.

Of the two types of coverage, cash value and replacement cost, the latter is the better choice. This type of policy is more expensive, but means you will be covered for the actual cost of replacing an item. Cash value only covers the depreciated cost of a stolen or damaged item.

When you consider how much you have invested in furniture, clothing, electronics and other personal property, it's easy to see the value of buying coverage. In addition to protecting your belongings and the assorted fixtures in your home, you'll be covered if someone is injured while visiting.

Compare Rates and Save Money

Go online for a quote to find out what you can expect in terms of coverage and cost. Comparison shopping makes it easy to compare coverage from multiple companies simultaneously. You won't be restricted to traditional business hours, and you'll have access to a broader range of policies.

Viewing premiums online also means you aren't limited to agents in your local area. You won't need to spend time making multiple calls, and you'll have access to several nationally-known insurers.Comparison sites aren't biased toward one company, so you'll get the information you need to make an informed decision. Buying protection for your condo doesn't have to be difficult or costly. Online comparison shopping enables you to customize your policy while you save time and money.